Our Staff team know what is expected, have the tools to do it and perform their roles with joy. We pride ourselves on the skilled early year practitioners we have. All of whom are qualified in childcare and early years.

There is a strong staff team at Squirrel Nutkins, ALL of whom are qualified in childcare. Although each child has a key person we work as a team at Nutkins and all take responsibility for the children, however it is hoped that your child’s key person will be able to become the main link between nursery and home.

The role of the key person at Squirrel Nutkins

We all have key people in our lives, people we need and on whom we rely. In the same way, being a child’s key person means having a special relationship with them. A key person system is vital in a nursery as secure attachments provide a safe base for a child, reducing fearfulness and stress while building confidence and self esteem.

Each child at our nursery chooses their key person with whom they can rely on. It is hoped that they will build a relationship together as secure attachment is the key to future secure relationships enabling a child to grow up with emotional security and self confidence.

Key carers need to know their children really well and build up strong relationships. We want our children to have emotional security and resilience.

‘Parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s key person. Consequently they are able to feed into the learning journey, creating a holistic view of each child’ (OFSTED 2008)