Our bright baby and toddler room provides both a stimulating and comfortable environment for children aged from 3 months to 2 years. Whilst bright and stimulating, the versatility of the room offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere.



A high ratio of specialised staff (1:3) ensure that babies and toddlers can benefit from individual attention through a structured but flexible routine that is adapted to suit individual needs ensuring continuity between home and nursery. A daily diary is provided to record information throughout the day for your reference.

Our baby unit also has a specialist sensory room where babies can explore and develop their sensory skills. At Nutkins we recognise that from birth babies are marvellous learners immediately investigating the sounds and sights of their surroundings. Our sensory room is designed to stimulate children through exploration of touch, sound and sight with rope lighting, mirror balls, bubble tubes and treasure baskets.

The babies have unlimited access to outdoors through their specially designed garden outdoors. The garden is a valuable addition to allow free flow play for the under twos.

Learning through play begins in the baby room where activities are planned to give babies and toddlers the opportunity to discover the world around them. Each day brings about new challenges and experiences, and whilst being given the opportunity to develop their natural inquisitiveness and curiosity, children can enhance their social skills & develop friendships by interacting with others.